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Arabella + Autumn

Custom Toy Labels

Custom Toy Labels

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Wanting to create some order in your toy room or kid’s bedroom? Our Custom Toy Labels are 6.5cm round beautiful beechwood discs that can be stuck onto most surfaces to make your organisational dreams come true.

Perfect for toy crates and boxes to help your family identify where to find items and even better where to put them once they are finished!

Our discs can be 100% customised to suit your needs. Anything from names, toys, crafts and clothing can be lasered onto the beechwood discs and simply stick onto the surface and presto!

Our Custom Toy Labels are available individually for $3 each or as a set of 15 for $39.95.

Please place your selections in the notes section once you’ve added the amount required to your cart  

NOTE: We recommend using a hot glue gun or double sided tape to apply the Toy Labels. If you’re unsure as to whether they’ll suit your storage system please inquire before ordering.

Turnaround time: 2-4 weeks


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Encourage more creative play.

There’s nothing more powerful than a child’s imagination. One of the benefits of gifting them wooden toys is that it nurtures their creativity. While plastic toys have more features, designs and sound effects, wooden toys force them to open up their imagination and invent new ways of playing with them. It will spark their natural curiosity and help them develop motor skills, problem solving skills, hand eye coordination, social skills and so much more!

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